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Motivational Speeches Based on Space Metaphor.

Maurizio Cheli’s human and professional path has been dotted by successes and experiences, first fed by his passion for flight and then by his passion for work, in the pursuit of the highest excellence in every sector.

Thanks to his experience as an astronaut, chief test pilot and entrepreneur, Maurizio Cheli shares the intensity and emotions of his extraordinary experiences with the listener, stimulating important and useful considerations for personal and professional life.

Maurizio proposes motivational speeches specific for corporate events, conventions and workshops, by using his experiences and space metaphor. Through the sharing of what he learnt in the different environment and previous experience, Maurizio Cheli proposes his ideas to make each life an extraordinary adventure and each company a place of excellence, so that everyone can become the best pilot of its existence.

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Sharing Experience and Mental Training

Starting from the experiences introduced in the book Tutto in un istante and resting on scientific aspects of mind and physiology of the human being, Maurizio Cheli and Marianne Merchez developed an educational experience composed of different modules that can be combined. These modules systematically concern values, the challenges of our world, self-esteem, methodologies, leadership, ways of communication, time management and decision-making.

Maurizio and Marianne developed these corporate workshops  to unveil the hidden potentialities of every individual and increase the motivation level, which is strictly connected to constant positivity and development of the team building attitude.

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Space4mind, from Space to Company

The corporate training proposed by Space4Mind is innovative and unique in its kind: the astronaut Maurizio Cheli and his team of professionals coming from the aeronautic and aerospace industry put their experience and expertise to common factor and bring to your company consultancy and high business training.

Space4Mind propose educational opportunities, ranging from the simple motivational testimony of Maurizio Cheli to unique experiences such as flight simulations and airplanes construction, with the goal of boosting self-confidence and team confidence. Each educational modules and consultancy are unique and customized on the needs of the single company, after careful evaluation.

Space represents the last frontier. A space mission is built on several elements, common in the organization of a successful company.

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