Test pilot

Experimental high-performances aircrafts test pilot

Maurizio Cheli Chief Test Pilot

Eurofighter Typhoon

In 1997 Maurizio Cheli was hired by Alenia Aeronautica and was assigned to defence aircrafts as Chief Test Pilot. He was in charge of the European Eurofighter Typhoon operational development.

In 1997, during the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget - one of the greatest air world exhibitions - Maurizio Cheli put together a spectacular air show for the first public launch of the aircraft. The exhibition, conceived to highlight the correlation thrust/weight of the aircraft and the manoeuvring capabilities at low speed and tight spaces, was particularly appreciated.

Maurzio Cheli at Emotions at 9G

An EFA demo flight

Eurofighter Typhoon is the concrete representation of the purest engineering genius: a powerhouse of new generation materials, advanced technical solutions and modern electronics. To realize it, extremely complex and world vanguard production and assembly systems have been developed. In this video of Emozioni a 9G, Maurizio Cheli introduces you the features and incredible performances of this aircraft.

I immediately realized that developing this new aircraft would have made me feel professionally fulfilled as a test pilot in the widest sense of the word.

Maurizio Cheli, Tutto in un istante

A challenge between Maurizio Cheli and Michael Schumacher

Eurofighter VS Ferrari

On December 11th, 2003, Eurofighter, flown by astronaut Maurizio Cheli defeated Ferrari F 1 car driven by Michael Schumacher.

The Eurofighter won the challenge for just 2''. On the 900 metres distance of Grosseto military airport in Italy, Maurizio Cheli’s fighter took 13 seconds, while Schumacher’s Ferrari 13.2. In the 1,200 metres long run, EFA passed the finish line in flight after 14.2'', while Ferrari after 16.7''. Schumacher won the first challenge on the 600 with its 9.4'' VS the 9.6'' of the fighter.