Tutto in un istante – Everything in a moment

Decisions that mark the journey of a lifetime

Tutto in un istante, il libro di Maurizio Cheli

The space adventure is a great human adventure.

You will discover that this experience at first glance seems far, distant and extremely specialized, while on the contrary is really similar to our daily life. Our knowledge, our skills, our experiences: sometimes everything concentrates in that precise moment where a situation evolves, a new adventure begins or a decision is made.

In his book “Tutto in un istante” (Everything in a moment) Maurizio Cheli narrates, with the tone of voice of friend telling a story, the key landmarks of his extraordinary career path that later in the book are examined by Marianne Merchez. So this biography become not only a source of information, but also and most of all a reflection on our personal path in life and work in particular.

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Are we really aware of ourselves in those crucial moments of our lives?

As Maurizio reflected about himself in the course of this story, so you will able to ask yourself during the reading of some excerpt of the book that stimulate an echo in you and maybe unveil hidden potentialities that are just waiting to be discovered or re-discovered.

A book conceived as educational and motivational tool.

A lot of teachers ask themselves how to motivate their students in the learning process.

Passion and dedication are the foundation of a rich and satisfying life, so Maurizio Cheli narrates, in his book “Tutto in un Istante”, the dream of a child coming true thanks to perseverance and patience, two qualities lacking in our times.

Through the narration of his life, which is adventurous and exciting even for today’s kids, the astronaut Maurizio Cheli succeeds in focusing on important educational and training topics such as  being pilots of our lives, self trust and trust in the group we belong to, the importance of dedication and perseverance in reaching our goals and desires.

How many times in a lifetime everything resolves itself in a moment?

There is always a key and unique moment where everything that has been becomes other, past becomes future, life changes, a path ends to paves the way to a new chapter of our life.

May 16, 2015

The launch of the book

Video of the event launch of Tutto in un Istante, held at Aero Club Torino (Turin, Italy) on May 16, 2015.

The presentation saw the participation of Maurizio Cheli, Marianne Merchez, Marco Berry, Roberto Mugavero and Cinzia Falasco Volpin and was held by Silvia Rosa Brusin.